Lioncourt Strategic Land operates primarily as a land trading company and is therefore driven to realising the maximum development potential of our land assets. We create developments that are attractive to the market in part due to our access to the expertise of our colleagues at Lioncourt Homes. Our record of delivering planning consents to the open market is a testament to our success.

We believe that the most mutually successful outcomes are achieved where a positive, open and professional relationship is developed and maintained with our landowners. Our approach to landowners is open and friendly while also appreciating that it is your land we are promoting. We are always mindful that many of our landowners live within the communities where we are promoting their land and look to us to work with them in providing a lasting quality scheme which reflects this.

If you have a question, or would simply like an update on how things are going, please feel free to give us a call. In the same vein, as we have a select portfolio of land for promotion at any one time, we are very attentive to the demands and nuances of each of our sites which are proactively managed. We believe this approach is key to meeting both our landowners and our own aspirations to achieve delivery of successful and efficient outcomes.

Land Opportunities

We take a proactive approach to our land portfolio and every site is personally managed by a dedicated team member.

We seek land opportunities with a minimum potential developable area of 10 acres (4 hectares) or can deliver a minimum of 150 homes with no upper limit. However, smaller sites will be considered where the local market conditions allow.

We are able to provide discreet and prompt initial responses and where appropriate, can move quickly towards a promotion agreement and begin to promote your land through the planning system.